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Welcome to Web Geek Studios

  • Traffic Conversion = RESULTS

    Here are Web Geek Studios we prioritize results above design of any website or marketing funnel because it really doesn’t matter if your website is flashy and pretty. If it is collecting dust more that getting you leads or earning you money then a pretty site is useless. The top 3 priorities of Web Geek Studios is to get you traffic for your website then convert that traffic to either leads or sales or both. Thats it!

  • Our Approach

    Web Development is all about planning and organization. Think long term but focus on short term – and never lose sight of your customer. We have unconventional ways on how we do things and we are proud of it. Our satisfaction comes from making our clients happy and producing them results that bring in a ton of leads and convert to a lot of sales.

  • Methodology

    Imagine combining Human Behavioral Psychology and Technology together? We have dedicated years of research, time and energy to study human psychology and buying behaviors and combine them to technology and use it as leverage to communicate effectively and persuasively using digital assets such as websites, graphics, videos and other marketing tools.

4 Steps to Building a Profitable Website

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Web Geek Studios Focuses on your ROI

We build your website to integrate with your entire marketing and sales strategy.

It’s a holistic approach that automates the sales process as much as possible, to increase more leads, generate more revenue and to increase the frequency of sales.
Your website is the hub of a smart marketing strategy. We incorporate these four principles into every design we create.

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Our Work

The Web Geeks

Chris Ternate

Chris Ternate is known as the Web Geek Conversion Architect behind Influential Thought Leaders, Speakers, Coaches and Service Providers. She is famous for creating wildly profitable Funnel Systems that simplifies and automates the conversion of leads to customers while increasing lifetime customer value without being stressed and overwhelmed with all the technical details.

Kristine Leano

Kristine Leano is known as the Web Geek Persuasion Magician. She is famous for creating converting web copies and email campaigns that attracts qualified leads and turns them into clients that buys over and over and over using influence and persuasion that helps prospects to take action.

Our Team Spans the Globe

From Florida to California and even Asia to Europe - Our teams spans the world to give you the best experience possible.

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